Rich Bride, Poor Bride

No matter what the size, every bride has a budget. Whether a princess or a pauper, each episode of Rich Bride Poor Bride looks at how a bride, no matter what size her budget is, struggles through the planning of her wedding.

The story begins with a wedding planner meeting where our couples reveal a laundry list of expectations. Once the wedding planner has an idea of the type of wedding desired he/she receives an envelope containing the total budget amount.

Watch the highs and lows of what happens when costs collide with expectations! The budget isn't revealed until the end of each episode-through laughter, tears and tantrums, it will have all been worth it to see two loving people tie the knot… and hopefully not around each other's necks! From flowers to decor, bridal gowns to food, can a small budget bride make her day glamorous? And will a high budget bride ever be happy?