The Cupcake Girls

In Season Two of The Cupcake Girls Lori and Heather continue to expand their “cupcake empire”, but this season, their “no boyfriends, no babies” policy has been lifted and consequently their hectic personal lives are messing up their business plans like never before. Lori’s maternity leave lasted all of two days and she seems to be in denial that her obligations to the business are being compromised by her dedication to breast feeding. Heather is equally distracted by her new love interest and early in the relationship house shopping raises red flags with Lori and mom Kathie. Heather’s father Brian returns as Senior VP of Facilities Management and gets more deeply involved in the business. New characters in the mix this season includes the new pastry chef, a Gordon Ramsey wannabe, who cooks up new flavors for a man-friendly cupcake line, and an uber designer Jade who takes charge in refreshing the brand, but whose working style divides Heather and Lori like never before