To Catch a Killer

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Detective Mike Arntfield leads a squad of tech-savvy civilians as they work to solve horrific cold cases. Each one-hour episode introduces a different crime, as Arntfield – a working cop and university professor with a PhD – and his team use fresh eyes and advanced tools in their quest to solve these longstanding mysteries and bring closure to the victims' families. Arntfield guides the five-member squad as they take to the field, seeking new leads and exploiting modern technology. Capitalizing on the potential of 21st-century technology to unearth new information, Arntfield also relies on squad members to use their own skill sets – which run the gamut from medical biophysics to forensic anthropology to private investigating – and ways of thinking to move each case forward. To Catch a Killer takes viewers along on its mission, as the team interviews family members and witnesses, dissects evidence (old and new), visits long-forgotten crime scenes, and re-enacts potential scenarios … as the cold-case clock ticks. How far will the team go in their quest to solve these murders? The result is a compelling, surprising, emotional and, ultimately, uplifting show that marks a new era in true-crime TV.



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  • To Catch a Killer (Sizzle)New series To Catch a Killer premieres March 1 at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT