2 Fat 2 Fly

Meet Corey and Ramone, two best friends, creative geniuses, and knuckle-headed businessmen who have big dreams for 2 Fat 2 Fly, their small-town food truck business. The Columbia, South Carolina duo invented a revolutionary twist on a culinary classic: the world's first-ever "stuffed chicken wing." Their secret stuffing technique puts savory dishes like jambalaya and mac & cheese inside of a chicken wing.

For Corey and Ramone, this isn't just another food trend, it's their meal ticket—their one and maybe only chance to strike it rich. But after three years in start-up mode, it's time to get their craziness in order if they want to make their dreams of owning a million-dollar wing empire a reality. As a small town with a smaller food truck culture, Columbia is not the ideal place to start a chicken wing empire. If these childhood friends can just branch out—and get out of their own way at the same time—there is no doubt they'll make it all the way to the top of the food chain.

The first episode of 2 Fat 2 Fly finds Corey and Ramone in the midst of a soul-searching effort to kick-start the engine of their fledgling food truck business. It's now time to take 2 Fat 2 Fly to the next level, and an upcoming wing festival competition in a wealthy beach town could provide that needed jolt of exposure for potential new investors. Along the way we'll meet the families behind the culinary visionaries who act as a focus group for the crucial "judges flavor" decision, as well as Corey and Ramone's loveable sidekicks, Sean and Joey, who are always around to stir up some unnecessary commotion—both on and off the truck. Will Corey and Ramone succeed at Wingfest and move even closer to world wing domination? Or will they stall on the road to success and see their dreams crash and burn?